Day of Yoga

3 workshops for Mental & Physical Wellbeing

One workshop £15, 2 workshops £28, full day £40

Hip opening – workshop 1  – 10-11.30am

There can be a tremendous amount of tension held in the muscles and tissues surrounding the pelvis. Martyn will guide you through a delicious hip opening practice as a great way to release this tension. Moving the ball and socket joint through its full range of motion helps create supple hips. This in turn, can ease back pain and assist in alignment of the whole body.


Strengthening and unlocking tight shoulders – workshop 2 – 12-1.30am

Shoulder problems caused by joint instability is one of the most common ailments. Tight shoulders can cause them to become weakened over time, and weak shoulders could lead to neck strains or other upper body injuries. You’ll be led through a practice that increases your range of motion in this area, and by building strength in the surrounding tissues, you can work to alleviate pain, stress, and future neck or back issues.


Meditation & Breathwork – workshop 3 – 2-3pm 

When you think of doing yoga, your first association might be with the physical practice: moving through the yoga poses and practising yoga breathing. But meditation is also part of a well-rounded yoga experience.

Learning to meditate in yoga involves more than sitting still for a few moments each day. Yoga meditation is about quieting a busy mind, starting to see things as they truly are. Meditation can help you realise deep inner peace, realising that you can achieve anything your heart desires.

The whole day is suitable for absolute beginners as well as experienced practitioners looking for a different take on yoga and its vast physical, emotional and spiritual benefits, presented in a fun, warm and genuine way. 


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