Unlocking Inversions Workshop

This is a Yoga Workshop for those looking to develop their inversion balances.  Inversions are not just handstands, they include anything where the head is lower than the heart.

In this intensive morning session we will be getting fiery with a strong morning flow, working into asanas that specifically strengthen our upper body and a series of inversions.

There will be some partner work to enable us to feel supported when upside down and to give you an idea of how to assist a friend, child, colleague or student in inversions.

The physical elements of the session will run from 11.30am – 1.30pm.

Everyone is invited to bring a small vegan or vegetarian dish which we will share – or there is a great cafe just below if you fancy grabbing something there (maybe pop in before the workshop so they can prep it for you).

Shared lunch is 1.30pm

Following lunch we will drink a cleansing Turmeric Tea drink which I will prepare and discuss the session a little more, benefits of inversions and anything else that comes up.

It is recommended you have some experience in Yoga and/or Inversions. Any questions on your level of experience please don’t hesitate to ask.