Meet Our TEam

Our experienced, inspirational teachers are here to support and guide you in your yoga and wellbeing journey.  Collectively they have a great set of diverse skill each one offering a wide variety of approaches to the practise.


Hi. I’m Orly, and I’m addicted to yoga! I’ve got a 500 hour qualification, I’ve been teaching for two years, and safe to say I’ll never look back. 

Yoga for me is a lifestyle; one which I’m impassioned to share with you all. I went to yoga classes only sporadically for many years, but then 3 years ago – following a period of anxiety and depression, as I neglected yoga and studied hard for my masters – did realise that yoga was in fact my path. I established a dedicated practice and embarked upon a trip to India, where I was taught intensively by monks, and where I received my qualification as a yoga teacher. 

Yoga has truly helped me to overcome my depression and anxiety, and even though sometimes those dark clouds do reappear I know that, without fail, returning to my mat makes life lighter and more manageable once again. This is an experience that I’m keen to share with others.

Starting my classes at The Modern Yoga will be the next step of my journey, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!  Very much looking forward to meeting you all, sharing my practice with you, and undoubtedly learning from you as well.


Hi, I’m Emma, with a lifelong passion for health and wellbeing, yoga is my calling that I can’t wait to share with you.

I thrive on helping people become a healthier happier version of themselves. I am an experienced 300 hour registered yoga teacher and mum of 3. I teach yoga in many environments including corporate, studios, private clients and classes, schools and charities. Writing all my own material allows me to steer my classes to suit each group and create an embodied practice. My classes are a flowing form of vinyasa (using yin and yang postures) linking breath with movement. My aim is to achieve balance from the inside out.


Hello Yogis, I’m Becs, the founder of The Modern Yoga. For me nothing fixes, heals or brings joy like Yoga. From the moment I roll out my mat i’m transported to a calmer, clearer place. Yoga has had such a positive impact on my body, mind, health and life. It’s helped me through a back operation, pregnancy, motherhood and growing older. I’m so excited about sharing these experiences with you.

My classes are strong, playful and always start with a deeply relaxing warm up – uniting breath and movement together.


Hello, I’m Rosie, I’m 34 years old and found Yoga in my early teens and travelled to Asia to learn more.  I lived between Ashrams and Hostels in India for 15 months where I primarily studied Hatha Yoga and Massage.  On my return, back to the UK I completed my 200 hours with Sun Power Yoga.

I’ve also completed 70+ formal hours with Ana Forrest on her Advanced course and three Acro Yoga Immersion training courses.

As well as Yoga, I’m also passionate about Massage. I’m a fully trained masseuse and Reflexologist and have experience in Partner and Thai Yoga Massage. I’m developing my skills as a BodyWorker and are continuing with this path with training scheduled in April 2019, to incorporate therapeutic practices into my yoga teachings. 

I combine my Yoga experiences and therapeutic training to offer a strength building Flow Yoga often incorporating inversions and deep stretches –  A mind and body cleansing class.

I also volunteer as a Director to a Community organisation – Shanti Bee.