events & Work Shops

Workshops are a deep immersion into a specific subject or style of Yoga. They enable you to deepen your practise or introduce you to new ideas. Workshops are with the Modern Yoga team, as well as inviting guest teachers to join us.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Become fully present and find your calm

Friday 12th january | 6.30pM

This Introducing Mindfulness offers a taste of mindfulness practice and theory for anyone new to mindfulness. It is designed for anyone interested in exploring some key mindfulness themes and practices in ways that might support them personally, in everyday life and work.

Mindfulness is a technique you can learn which involves noticing what’s happening in the present moment, without judgement. You might take notice and be aware of your mind, body or surroundings.

This workshop is guided by Yoga and Mindfulness teacher Madeleine, who shares with you gentle mindfulness movement practices and mindfulness meditations that guide you to be present with your senses. Enjoy a brief moment to soothe the nervous system.

Permission to Rest & Release

We're pressing pause; with breathwork, Restorative Yoga & Nidra

FRIDAY 19th january | 6.30PM

A monthly special where you’re encouraged to press pause and join Becs for a gentle practice of ultimate rest.

This is your self-care time. Your time to slow down. To become still. To reconnect with you. To receive what you need to receive, and release what you need to release. 

In this workshop we will practice gentle breathwork to soothe the mind, before surrendering to gravity through restorative Yoga and finishing by nourishing the body with Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). 

Suitable for all levels of Yoga inc pregnancy. 

Ashtanga // Pop-up special

An extended practice of fun, challenge and experimentation

Friday 26th january | 6.30pM

It’s Back!!! In this extended Ashtanga Yoga Workshop we will be able to fit together more of the postures that are traditionally part of the ‘Full Primary Series’ and take a bit of extra time experimenting with some of the postures that we don’t cover very often.

We will have the opportunity (should we want to take it) to spotlight our focus on particular poses that we would personally like to learn more about, ask questions about things that don’t make sense and get guidance in areas which are interesting to us as we progress through our Yoga journey. Of course you are also perfectly welcome to join the class and simply follow along with whatever comes up, same as your usual Tuesday. 

This class will be very similar to the way Rosie teaches your usual Ashtanga session, infusing fun and silliness into the challenge. She will encourage you as always to approach your practise as an experimentation, with childlike curiosity and playfulness. The only difference is there will be a little more time to fit more of your Primary Series together to better understand how all the postures work with one another and feel when completed as a sequence.