events & Work Shops

Workshops are a deep immersion into a specific subject or style of Yoga. They enable you to deepen your practise or introduce you to new ideas. Workshops are with our Modern Yoga team, as well as inviting guest teachers to join us.

Mandala Monthly

A Yin, Yang, Yin practice to connect us to nature

SuNdAy 22nd May | 2.00pm

We continue our series of exploring the practice of Mandala Yoga. Join us for this two-hour practice, were together we’ll breathe, meditate and spend equal amount of time in our Yin and Yang energetic states.

Our May practice explores the element of Water. Working on creating a sense of inner stability as the base of all we are and all that we do. It is the root of self-confidence and self-compassion. 

Beginning with meditation, pranayama and an activating yin practice.  Join Becs for an afternoon of delving into the hips and hamstrings, beginning with meditation, pranayama and an activating yin practice.  We’ll move slowly and deeply through a Yin Yoga to bring balance into the kidney and bladder meridians. 

Then we explore a spiralling Mandala Flow as we move 360 degrees around the mat. This creative & dynamic practice will lift your energy through clearing away any stagnant energy. We’ll finish with a longer pacifying Yin practice & a very well deserved savasana, leaving you free of tension and grounded. 

2-4pm // Studio £20

Friday Night with The Modern Yoga

Pop-up classes with the team and guest teacher

Starting friday 27th may | 6.00pm
Join us on Friday evenings as we bring you a selection of pop-up classes.
Pop-ups are one-off classes that enable you to deepen your practise or introduce you to new ideas. These classes are ran with the Modern Yoga team and we’re super excited to invite a guest teacher to our studio to guide you through a Forrest Yoga practice.
27th May // Dynamic Flow with Amy*
10th June // Mindful Hatha and Yin Fusion with Becs*
17th June // Forrest Yoga with Natalie*
24th June // Breathwork and Meditation with Rosie*
1st July // Permission to rest with Becs
*Included in monthly memberships

Permission to Rest & Release

We're pressing pause; with breathwork, Restorative Yoga & Nidra

Friday 1st JULY | 6.30pm

A monthly special where you’re encouraged to press pause and join Becs for a gentle practice of ultimate rest.

This is your self-care time. Your time to slow down. To become still. To reconnect with you. To receive what you need to receive, and release what you need to release. 

In this workshop we will practice gentle breathwork to soothe the mind, before surrendering to gravity through restorative Yoga and finishing by nourishing the body with Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). 

Suitable for all levels of Yoga inc pregnancy

6.30pm – 8.00pm // £15

Strength In Yoga

A day of renewal and nourishment with Rosie

SUNDAY 5TH JUNE | 11.30AM-1.00PM

You loved the first one we offered so this session is back!

Join Rosie for an extended Yoga class where you will take a playful look at strength elements which can really support our day to day Yoga practice.

Have you ever wondered where the ‘float’ in Yoga comes from? The impossible looking ease of challenging postures or movements? It is of course coming from strength, a deep rooted kind of strength is where that lightness comes from. Strength can transform a really difficult posture or movement into something that looks deceptively graceful!

Strength doesn’t always have to be hard or serious. We can develop this deep rooted type of strength in a really playful way using props and drills which compliment our flowing asana practice whilst experimenting and finding ways that work for us.

We want to work towards building the kind of strength that will support a lifelong Yoga practice in a healthy and powerful body.