Yoga really is for everyone. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes or do the splits, it isn’t about perfecting beautiful postures either. At The Modern Yoga it’s about bringing all ages and abilities together. Yoga literally means Union, togetherness; bringing together the body, the breath and the mind, for everyone.


Hi, I’m Becs, the founder of The Modern Yoga. A local resident and teacher, through The Modern Yoga my aim is to build upon the strong community already created in the area & offer greater opportunity for others to engage with Yoga.

For me nothing fixes, heals or brings joy like Yoga. From the moment I roll out my mat i’m transported to a calmer, clearer place. Yoga has had such a positive impact on my body, mind, health and life. It’s helped me through a back operation, pregnancy, motherhood and growing older.


From beginners to advanced practitioners Yoga offers something special to everyone. Whether you’re after a dynamic, flowing, energetic class or a deeply relaxing, blissed out hour on your mat, we have something for you.

New to Yoga, unsure by different styles or want to understand the benefits we make choosing your class easy.


The Modern Yoga is the realisation of a dream that came about through my journey with yoga which began over 10 years ago. Excitedly, I can now share this dream with you. I cant wait to welcome, meet you and share Yoga with you.