yoga Courses

Beginners Yoga Courses

Wednesday 12th January // 9.30am (6 weeks)                                    

Tuesday 18th February // 7.15pm (6 weeks)                                   

Class Description: Yoga can be quite intimidating for those who are new to the practice, or haven’t been to a class for a while.  It doesn’t need to be. Our Beginner’s course is the perfect introduction into Yoga. Over 6 weeks we slow our practice down, and with explanations and demonstrations, you’ll be taken on the start of your yoga journey. You’ll learn basic standing and seated postures, Sun Saluations, breathwork and meditation. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Mondays // 7pm – 8pm 

Class Description: Pregnancy Yoga is a fantastic for mums-to-be. It can help support your body and mind for the many physical and emotional changes that pregnancy, labour and motherhood may bring.

It can help you develop inner confidence and strength physically and emotionally as you prepare for your new adventure as a mum. In our time together we work with yoga poses, breathing, relaxation and meditation designed specifically for pregnancy.  

The breathing practices help to develop an awareness of the power of your breath and the connection between your body and your baby. We also use meditation, relaxation and sound techniques help to relax to help soothe away anxieties or fear.

Pregnancy yoga classes give you the chance to practice with other mums-to-be in an informal and supportive environment providing a safe space to share your thoughts and fears. Our mums have been known to meet a friend or 2 along the way. We recommend that you wait until you’re 14 weeks before attending these classes. 

Post-Natal Yoga

Tuesdays // 11am (babies very welcome to join us)

Class Description: A post natal yoga class is a great way to stretch, rebalance and undo any tension held in the body after child birth. Through mindful breathing and synchronised yoga poses, you will re-tone and strengthen the abdomen and pelvic floor whilst using the breath to rejuvenate energy and relieve the early stresses of being a mum.

This class where mums can bring babies along with them is aimed at a healing nourishing practice promoting postural awareness and inner pelvic health allowing new mum’s to leave feeling strong, relaxed, supported and replenished. This is an opportunity to meet other local mum’s and share your yoga with your baby. Changing, feeding, nursing and playing is welcome throughout. The class is open to mums 6 weeks post-birth/10-12 weeks after C-section (you must have been given the go ahead from your GP) and to all pre-crawling babies.

Gentle, Restorative Yoga

Wednesdays // 2nd February 11.00am (4-weeks)

Class Description:  A gentle, restful style of Yoga practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through long-held stretches. The body is supported by the use of props as it sinks into deep relaxation. 

This class is suitable for all levels of Yoga. 

Beyond Beginners 4 week Yoga Course

Wednesday 5th January // 7.15pm

Class Description:  Progress your Yoga practise with this 4-week course. This course aims to help beginners build upon previous learnings, whilst providing a little recap and helping you to understand more about Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Also a great course for those returning to their practise after a break.

With Sun Saluations forming the basis for the classes, you’ll move through a variety of foundational poses, connecting breath to movement. You’ll also continue to learn helpful modifications and alignment considerations. gentle, restful style of Yoga practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through long-held stretches. The body is supported by the use of props as it sinks into deep relaxation.