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Vinyasa Flow

- Our studio signature -

Teachers bring their unique approach to this style and encourage you to enjoy the creative nature of Vinyasa Flow. A blend of stillness, breath work, spiralling movements, flow and balance all fused together to create a class that allows you to move in ways that feel good for you.

beginners yoga

- Intro to Yoga, to learn & build confidence -

We all need a little helping hand when starting something new. Our teachers will slow things down to take you through yoga postures and sequences that help you build confidence, strength and flexibility. A great way to explore the foundations of yoga – perfect if you’re completely new to Yoga, returning to it after a break or injury or just want to slow the pace down a little.

Yin Yang Yoga

- A perfect blend -

A vibrant, invigorating class balancing strength, flexibility and energy. Bringing together the benefits of both Yin yoga (slower paced, working with the connective tissues and joints in the body.) with Yang (dynamic movement) for an embodied practice.

Power Yoga

- Strengthening and powerful -

A great class for helping to develop mobility, deepen flexibility and build strength. A blend of traditional yoga poses with contemporary movement. Sometimes practiced to music, this class offers creative sequences with modifications and challenges.

yin Yoga

- Powerful, yet calming and deeply relaxing -

A slower paced style of Yoga. Expect seated and lying poses held for longer periods of time to encourage you to melt and release. Yin Yoga is a deeply nourishing, revitalising and restful practice – perfect for slowing down in a fast-paced world.

Restorative Yoga

- A nourishing, gentle release -

Tensions melt away in a warming environment. Restorative Yoga involves slowing down, encouraging the mind and body to open as you settle into supported postures. Expect to use props, be cocooned and feel safe.

Ashtanga Yoga

- Strong and Meditative -

Ashtanga is a traditional, dynamic style of yoga that works with the breath enhancing full body strength and flexibility. Classes follow the Ashtanga Primary Series, which is a strong, flowing practice and as the set sequence becomes more familiar you’ll be able to deepen into postures and enjoy a meditative flow.

Workplace Yoga

- Restore & rejuvenate at work -

We like to encourage everyone to take a break from their desk or work space and bring balance into their daily life. Positive benefits include improved mental health, lowered stress levels, healthier physical posture, and ultimately – increased overall wellbeing productivity – perhaps this is something we can help you this


- Calming and powerful -

The body and mind are encouraged and inspired to come into stillness. The stillness of the body can strengthen humility, acceptance and compassion for yourself and others. Meditation helps foster feelings of lightness and calm.