Half Mala, Soothing Yin and New Year Celebrations

Join Becs & Carla in celebrating the coming of the New Year.
During times of newness, a change of season, a birthday, a celebration we often practice a Mala. We’re so excited to invite you to our first Studio Mala. Celebrate our 1st birthday and the new year ahead.
What is a Mala? A Mala is a moving meditation & an energetic 108 salutations which encourages us to let go and ignite our energises. Its a wonderful way to bring us all together and participate in a collective celebration of yoga.

After a warm up, we’ll flow together through a practice of 54 sun salutations (half Mala). We’ll then conclude our time together with a soothing Yin Yoga practice, deeply restoring Shavasana and drinks and snacks.

Its a time to come together and renew energies for the year ahead. Move in union, breathe as one and enjoy the benefits of this powerful healing Yoga Mala.

£20 for the workshop