Yin, Slow flow, Meditation & Pranayama

Yin & Yin // Yang, Chakra meditation with Senior Yin Teacher Rebecca Shepherd


Fresh from her studies with the creators of Modern Yin Yoga – Paul and Suzee Grilley – Rebecca will offer an introduction to the “Yang side of Yin”. The Yang practice is the dynamic partner to the deep, relaxing Yin practice. This beautiful, flowing practice targets muscle tissue. The movement helps to stimulate the flow of Chi energy through the body.

This will be followed by a relaxing Yin practice which targets connective tissue and helps to “unclog” the meridian pathways in the body through which Chi flows. We will discuss the meridian system and introduce the Chakric system. We will finish with a short-guided Chakra meditation.


The afternoon will consist of an unhurried, Yin practice expanding on Chakra theory. The session will end with a pranayama session and a longer-guided Chakra meditation.

The whole day is suitable for all levels of Yogi’s and all equipment is provided.

£30 for morning session, £25 afternoon, £50 full day